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My Week With… [Tyler Bradt]

(preface: ‘My Week With…’ is a ongoing personal project / creative collaboration with some of the worlds best action sport athletes. My goal is to push the boundaries of what I’ve seen captured with a still cameras thru images that showcase the most beautiful locations, the cutting edge of athleticism, and the most passionate characters on Earth. This is ‘episode 1’.)

Most people that have heard of Tyler Bradt know his name because of his [still] world record plunge in a kayak off of the 186’ Palouse Falls in 2009. But those that have met him in person know him for being a kid trapped in a man’s body — I know few people that work/play/party harder than Mr. Bradt. Tyler has been on the comeback trail after breaking his back (he’s got some serious scars to prove it) in a paddling accident in 2011. So when I got a call that he, Erik Boomer, and a cast of other talented characters were headed to the up and coming paddling mecca of Tlapacoyan to get ‘church’ on the gnarliest waterfalls on earth, I knew it was going to be a trip to remember.

What followed was one of the soggiest, spikiest adventures of my life — a week of non-stop rain, fog, and misty waterfalls. And if having to deal with the hazards of the jungle weren’t enough, the third world sickness rolled thru camp taking no prisoners. It was like the Mayan gods were going to make us earn every frame.

So we learned quickly the drying powers of rice and we tested the healing magic of tequila (the verdict is still out). We pressed on because we were all doing what we loved to do. The hurdles became part of the fun… and I’m proud to share those highs and lows with you here today.